Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Period: Western Han period.
Medium: Nephrite jade.
Colour: Fine pale yellow/green.
Dimensions: Cup: H. 11 cm.; D. 5.5 cm.  Stand: D. 14.2 cm.; H. 5 cm.

The cup stands on a short stem with a flared foot.  A band at the top of the cup is decorated with three chi-dragons carved in high relief, followed by a narrow band with a rope pattern.  The main body of the cup is finely decorated with raised and linked comma swirls.

The stand is elaborately decorated with chi-dragons carved in high relief, with three dragons carved in full round, standing up and supporting the ring through which the cup fits.

The workmanship is exquisite.

A less elaborate cup with a bronze basin stand was found in the tomb of the King of Nanyu.
Ref. Jades from the Tomb of the King of Nanyu, #127.