Tuesday, May 28, 2013



Period: Han dynasty ( 206 BC - 220 AD).
Date: Possibly Western Han period (206 BC - AD 9)..
Medium: Nephrite jade.
Colour: Pale green with yellow and brown.
Dimensions: H. 11 cm; W. 12.5 cm; D. 11.7 cm.

The rounded bowl-shaped vessel has a domed lid with a hollowed knob. The overall workmanship is very fine.

The lid has three zones of patterns. The first section, just below the knob displays fine scrolls separated by three small dragons carved in the round. This is followed by six rows of raised spirals connected by incised lines. The section forming the edge of the lid has a band of c-shaped scrolls divided into six sections by a narrow band above and below forming a cross between each. The same pattern goes around the bowl.

The bowl has four zones of patterns. The first is a scrolling pattern, followed by a band of c-shaped scrolls, followed by seven rows of raised and linked spirals, divided into six framed sections. Three animal heads protrude around the perimeter. A row of lotus petals decorates the base of the bowl and the bottom is flat.